Ring ring! Hello, Mobile Testers?

Check out the Bugcrowd Blog on how to get started today!

I am interested in start learning.

I wonder how this turned out.

This forum seems a bit dead, but down worry. Imma help bring it back!

It turned out quite well actually:


That’s pretty cool. I’m still reading up on simply web application security from the Web Application Hackers Handbook, so I’m not ready to tackle phone applications, but maybe some day!

We rotate around on the types of targets we like to focus on, but maintain several excellent Resource lists in the “Researcher Resources” section - keep an eye on both as you read up and gain more experience!

I’ve always probably been most interested in just general pentesting. I’ve always wanted to do it as a career. But it looks like that is one topic that is typically outside of scope. I can see why. What with server crashes and what not.

The idea of getting a shell is just crazy to me still.

sry just for test ignore