Researcher Resources: Mobile Focused

A collection of Mobile specific resources. You may see these elsewhere, but this is a handy list for your reference!

Resources compiled by Bugcrowd’s Director of Technical Operations, Jason Haddix:
Mobile App Security Resources Kit - link

Webinars & Blogs:
“Mobile Application Security Threats Through the Eyes of an Attacker.”
Mobile Testing: Setting up your Android Device

Big Bug Podcast - July 2016: Pokemon Go

Mobile Applications:


Debugging Java Applications Using JDB - link
Hacking Android Apps Using Backup Techniques - link


Setting Up a Mobile Pentesting Platform - link
iOS Application Security - link

Mobile Hackers Handbook
Android Hacker’s Handbook
Learning Pentesting for Android Devices
Android Security Internals
iOS Application Security
iOS Hacker’s Handbook

So what did we miss? Post your favourite / go-to Mobile resources and we’ll add them to the list!

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Very helpful :slight_smile: Thank you.
Waiting for more…

@Kittychix the “How to Shot Web” is no longer on our website. Please either remove or replace it with another reference. Thx