What good write-ups have you found?

As a member of the blue team (devops, sysadmin), I am much interested in knowing how the other side works and thinks.
Do you happen to know any good write-ups of real life hacks, exceptionally detailed or creative reports of bug bounties, or just reports that are fun to read, please share them in this thread.
I’d love to read them and I’m sure others do also.

I’ll fire of the thread with this pastie report of the 2014 Gamma Group hack that I found an interesting read, the author also mentioned a few tools I didn’t know yet.

The story

The report

I think I have some of what you’re looking for on my blog: http://randywestergren.com/

There are a ton of write-ups out there; a good resource for finding them would be http://www.reddit.com/r/netsec

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Could you give us an idea of which topic you’re interested in the most, so you get the best links?

thanks for sharing, @rwestergren , those are some cool findings.
@planetzuda, the bugs I like to read about the most are the infrastructure related issues, like for example this domain takeover or this pixel flood .