What is in your home setup?

What is your home setup like? What computers are you running, the monitors that you use, and what are your favorite hardware/software tools?

This is inspired by JHaddix’s “Hackers Use This” blog, I’d love to learn more about what folks use on Bugcrowd!

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6x24" Dell Ultrasharp LCDs, 2 Thinkpads, 4 Dell T3500s, a self built Intel based PC for gaming, a half dozen Raspberry Pi and a smattering of other things like tablets and routers and switches. T3500s are all running ESXi and have 6 core Xeons, 48GB RAM, 2x1TB SSDs in RAID1. VMs are a mix of FreeBSD, Debian and Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2k8. We won’t even get into the amateur radio gear piled up on the desk too. :wink:


Macbook Pro with a 30 inch display.

Network wise, I have a dell optiplex running untangle on the edge, an odroid-c1+ (read: pissed off raspberry pi) doing DNS and adblocking (pi-hole.net) and a vocore (it’s so cute!) running openwrt for my wireless access point. Internally 4 ESXi host’s doing everything from containers (docker) and automating some ephemeral services (ansible) with debian being the dominant player and a synology nas providing several iscsi targets for the vm’s. Of course there’s a few windows vm’s a bsd vm doing ircd, and other fun stuff. My desktop’s a dell XPS and is mostly used for running virtualbox instances, admittedly it’s running windows 7 but only because work requires it :confused:

domain for sale :smiley: we will never know :confused: