A good remote workstation?

I was thinking it would be a good idea to buy a cloud desktop as a remote workstation. I could just login and be right back to where I was if I turned off my desktop, checked in on long tasks from my phone, or even remoting in from a friends pc if I’m away for a few days.

I was thinking Kali Linux would be the best starting point since it’s premade, so it would reduce errors based on incorrect setup.

I don’t know any cloud computer selling services that offer Kali, and I’m not sure if any remote server would work.

I know of some apps that do what I need though, like No Machine, and Cloud Berry.

Anyone know any hosting providers that this would work for, and that are pretty cheap?

I guess I’ll just go with the cheapest and install Ubuntu.
Thanks for the help and opinions.

Share your experience if possible. I’m concerned about the latency when doing manual tasks and also the price.