Identity Verification Help Please!

Great Day,
I want to Verify My Id In BugCrowd.But i Have Problem That i am Under 18 And i Dont Have Any ID or Passport,I Live in Pakistan

Cyber Security Researcher.

Hi Abdul!

The ID verification process requires photographic ID like a driver’s license or passport, I don’t think there’s much of a way around that.

There might be another mechanism we can use, but I’ll need to talk to some of my colleagues (it is currently a public holiday where they are).

We’ll get back to you ASAP!

Hi Abdul,

Here’s our FAQ information for the researcher identification feature:

To verify your identity, you’ll need either a Passport, Driver’s License, or Identity card.


i am not 18+ what i do now i dont have all of these

Unfortunately without these documents you won’t be able to complete identity verification yet.

However, don’t despair! Many of our programs - even private ones - do not require a verified identity, so you can still participate in the vast majority of them until you’re able to get those documents.

Does ID card in Urdu language is acceptable or not?

Hi I’m a security researcher at bugcrowd and want to verify my ID so please tell me ID card in Urdu language is acceptable or not?

Unfortunately all commercial solutions like socure or other wont be available for you because age.

It’s very easy. Whenever I had to verify my ID or my client ID or want to identify someone else I just go to facial recognition and identify any person I want to verify. In addition to fraud prevention, incorporation with your network of an online face verification solution helps improve the experience of consumers in real time and easily, compared with manual KYC or recognition of customers.