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Hello Everyone!
I’m Alessandro R. from italy rome. I work as Security Consultant and Developer in a big company.
i practice hacking & pentesting on my own to improve my skill in find security issues. My goal is to work as Pentester soon and i’m happy to be in this community. My goal of starting bug bounty experience is to improve myself and help others to keep their system secure.

Welcome Alessandro! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone. I am Elize. I just signed up. I heard about this from a speaker in the IT congress that I have attended. I am an IT student. I don’t have any experience yet in security and bug bounties but I am eager to learn and apply it. I want to be a white hat hacker. I am hoping for you great help. Thank you very much

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Welcome to the crowd Alessandro!

Welcome to the Crowd Elize! We have a bunch of resources aimed at helping Researchers who are just getting started in our Security Researcher forum section - just look for the [Researcher Resource] tag at the front of the post.

Happy to have both of you in the Crowd!!

Hello everybody. I am Sudhir. After working for 5 years into IT infrastructure management (IP network design and implementation) I decided to venture into Information Security. My interest lies in web application security, network security and mobile application security.

I have already gotten my hands dirty with web application security :blush:. I still have to venture into the bug bounty world. bugcrowd seemed a good starting point. And so here I am.

I am also learning network pentesting hand in hand and also continue to do IT consulting as that still provides me with bread and butter. Also I love python.

Feels awesome to be here! Hope to learn from you guys as well as contribute to this community. Cheers!!

Hey Sudh33r :slight_smile:
Welcome to the crowd!

Our Security Research forum has a collection of great resources that you will want to read as you begin your journey into Security researcher, but I highly recommend you focus on these three:

and when you’re ready to look at mobile:

Hi everyone!, This is Mannu from India,after some web development i have started learning about bug bounty and web application security, and going more depth in it and want to learn more stuffs.

My name is Dave and I am totally new the world of Pen Testing. I have been in product test support for over 20+ years in some form or fashion. I was in sales and retail prior to being a support guy.

I have always been intrigued with the level of knowledge that people have. I learned about HPAVC folks when I was asked to be the web master for the contractor to one of the NIH institutes. We were going to go with a Wildcat BBS(yes my age is showing), but then HTTP popped and lo and behold: The Internet. Well, there was the text based internet, but now there were pictures! So the contractor moved away from a BBS and wanted to put up a web page. So I tried to teach myself about security. Cut to today, and I have made a more concerted effort to learn. And having joined here, I want to find bugs! MMM bugs are tasty right?

I look forward to watching and listening and learning and trying things out. I have already taken some security and pen testing courses over at Udemy. I have a Kali image as well as Metasploitable. And yes, I run a VPN when doing all kinds of testing stuff.

I can’t seem to find how to get my email setup. I have seen some bounties that ask that we use that email when registering for a website that needs testing. So as to id us from a legit bounty program. Where did I go wrong?


Hi everyone.

I’ve always been interested in network security. I guess what initially piqued my interest was playing with Sub7 back when Windows 95 was a thing. From there, I just wanted to learn everything about security.

I’ve worked in the security field for a couple years. Doing intrusion detection on networks, which was an eye opening experience. My all time goal is to become a pen-tester, but I feel the the application requirements are sometimes unreasonably high (considering I only hold an associates in computer forensics and a SOC certification).

I really hope to become successful at acquiring bug bounties. Right now I am reading the Web Application Hackers Handbook, which is a pretty good read. I don’t want to jump right into pen-tests right now, because my biggest fear is failure.

I’m always dieing to talk security with people in the field. Maybe I can learn something from you, maybe you can learn from me. So please hit me up.

Hi everyone,

My name is Khoa, you guys can call me Luo. I always dream about my job as a security researcher, this is my first step through the door. I am ready and very excited to start this field. Hope everyone can help me out. I really appreciate your help. Thank you

Hello All,

My name is Joe, I have been a developer and automation engineer for over 30 years.
I am working on Ethical Hacking course to broaden my skill set. Looking forward to learning new things and start working on some projects on Bugcrowd.

I am currently writing automation for APS.NET web applications for the online billing community.

Looking forward to networking with some fellow Bugcrowd researchers.




Mi name is José. I am from Chile. I have worked as Software Development Developer for many year, and I want to work and get my hands on Security related stuff, as it looks like a very interesting topic to me.

I’m looking forward to find some bugs and meet interesting people in the process.

See you around


Hi All,

My name is Samresh. Have been developing software for about 10 years now. Here to learn more. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,
I am Karel and I enjoy playing different wargames and doing pentest labs since 2010. But it wasn´t regular playtime as I am still considering myself as fan of websec and security.
Few monts ago I realised I want to get deeper in this field and start learning. I am not sure if I will be usefull here, but I want to try my best to learn and progress.
So, I am looking forward to see interesting challenges here…

Hello everyone!

My name is r00tuser .

I want to be a white-hat hacker and chat with the funny guys!

Forgive me the poor English ! :mask:

Hello, Everyone!

Figured I would drop by and intro myself. I’m new to the bug bounty scene but definitely not the tech world. I’ve been building and breaking computers for around 10 years. Last year I started learning programming/web dev which has been going good so far. I got interested in bug bounty recently when I stumbled upon which I used to play around on back in my youth, and it sparked my interest in security and pentesting again.

I hope to learn as well as share a lot and look forward to talking with the community.


Hello to Everyone!

My name is Arnaud, i’ve just find this page Researcher Resources - How to become a Bug Bounty Hunter while searching some information about about bug bounty, and now, i know that there is a community for that, that’s nice.
I’m no security professional even if i’d like to. I’m doing it during my free time and i must say, it’s pretty hard to get enough skills to be good at it
I’ve been a student for 2 years at and i tried to get the OSCP certificate but i can’t find 24hrs free time to try the exam :frowning:
I’ve done some pentesting a year ago for my actual company, and i’ve found some XSS, and various SQLi which was pretty critical but no reward at all for this!

To finish, i hope that this commuity will help me improve and maybe finally find my way into this amazing /brain burning world.

If anyone needs to talk or feel like he needs to impart his knowledge… well i’m your guest!

See you

Awesome, welcome to the community @badtaste. Great to have you here :slight_smile:

Hi all I’m Dave, currently working as a engineer but hoping to make the move into pen-testing. I have been studying for about 8 months now and am loving the people and community and the new challenge. Any tips pointers, help and criticism will be welcomed :slight_smile:

Okay here we go:

Name: Frank
Occupation: Linux Admin
Bug Bounty experience: off and on for about 2-3 years
Location: USA - ATL!!!
Bug Bounty CodeName: m3th0dman