Problem with xss alerts and my browsers

yeah when i post a valid alert in xss the alert doesn’t notify me when i have sent it and iv tried three browsers and it still doesn’t work . please can you help thanks in advance
michael cox

I think your question has to be more specific so that others can help you. For example, which browsers have you tried? Which version? How did you perform the XSS attack? Are you sure the application is vulnerable to XSS?

i used chrome 47.0.2526.80 (64-bit) on a mac i used firefox 42 and i used tor 3.6.5 and im definitely sure its venerable to xss injection because it was a test site for xss this is the site i did a fuzz with zed attack proxy it said that if i typed alert(1) it would work and it didnt pop up i tried to do this video exactly but its not working

consider writing your XSS into the console.log, if the javascript is respected it will show up in the console log and from there you can work out what’s stopping your alert box/whatever

but to be honest getting things written into the console.log is proof enough,

it would be nice if more bug hunters did it, you know what it’s like when you’re on a bug hunt and you hit a page and you get a ton of other people’s xss’s popping up heh