RSA 2015/ BSides SF/ Yahoo Trust UnConference Roll Call

Is anyone going to be in San Francisco in April for RSA, BSides or the Yahoo Trust UnConference? I’d love to meetup with any folks that will be in town!

I’m going to RSA but not BSides or Yahoo. I’m on a panel on Monday and I am speaking Friday, so I guess I better show up… If you’re going to be at RSA, would love to meet up.

I’ll be at RSA Monday-Thursday and then the Yahoo! Event. Most likely working the booth Monday, then roaming around like a weirdo the other days. It’ll be pretty easy to bump into any of us Bugcrowd Hooligans that week, we’ll be pretty much everywhere :slight_smile:

If any of you fine folks happen upon Bsides, find the Big Southerner doing security. My bark is worse than my byte.

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@Gillis57 We’ll have several Bugcrowd folks at BSides, I’ll have to look out for ya :smile:

Hi guys! I’m going to be on the RSA Conference. The company that I’m working is going to be sponsor so I’m going to be on a stand. We are presenting a new collaborative pen-tester´s tool. We have a community version (free). The name is Faraday (, besides that I want to show you this great tool, I want to meet you in person :smile:

Hope to see you guys!

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That’s awesome @Deftoner! Bugcrowd will be there in force and we’ll have a booth in the RSA Innovation Sandbox. Hope to meet you :smile:

I’ll be there for BSides and the first day of RSA.

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I’ll be at Bsides…and RSA…leaving Wed morning though… @Gillis57 we will have to catch up…

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I’ll be at RSA tues-thur =)

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Hi guys, Its me again.

Like I said confirmed that I will be at RSA this year. My company is presenting Faraday on US during the RSA. Faraday is a collaborative pentesting software designed to indexing, vulnerability management, colaborative pentesting, one-click report generation and real time dashboard. Basically made an easy work for pentesters, boss ad clients!. During next week my company is offering free corporate trials and live demos who come at both #2637 (where I will be too). If anyone is interested please write to my co-worked to request the trial or schedule a time to come. I know it can sound like marketing thing, but hand in heart, my friends worked very hard on faraday and have a nice free community version too, I thought may be one of you can get a corporate version for 1 month.

Looking forward to meet you at RSA, there is a lot of great brains in here :smiley:

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend (I’m Flying this Saturday to SF to do a lots of preparations).

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If anyone’s at RSA today, make sure to stop by the Innovation Sandbox this afternoon and check out the Bugcrowd booth! Casey will be giving a brief presentation mid-afternoon on the main stage.

Hope to see you there!