Security meetup Camarillo May the 4th in a bowling Alley

What’s better than security and a bowling alley? The bowling alley let’s me use their backroom for free :smiley, so that’s where I host my meetups that don’t have sponsors. If you don’t know who I am, I am the owner of @planetzuda. @geekspeed told me to post the meetup on here.

All activity has to be legal.

Star Wars day…and a monday…At least its not Shabbos…We don’t roll on Shabbos…[I guess I shouldve just clicked the link…rtfm…]

@geekspeed What better day to have a security meetup than Star Wars day?? I’ll be bringing at least one IoT device to hack, the wink hub and power strip… as long as I remember. Yes, it’s the same Wink as the Wink bounty on bugcrowd. I have another IoT device I’ve been having fun hacking, but I am a bit golem like over that one. Of course, it will also be web security, since that’s in the name of the meetup. You can come if you’d like.

i’m close to Camarillo, we should def hang out sometime =)

That’d be cool. I could host another meetup. The last one had a drone among other things to hack :smile:.