Video Courses For Bug Hunters [Intermediates]

can anyone suggest me some video courses for Intermediates in the field of Hacking and Bug Hunting.
video Courses Should not be Too basic.

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I just signed up for a free trial on They have stacks on Kali and similar systems training and advanced topics which contribute towards certifications.

I plan to learn standard pen testing for a month their free trial, then expand to targeted results based hunter testing systems, progressive methodology.

Good luck

I agree with @Copper_wire Lynda videos are helpful. Also Stack Skills also has some great hacking modules you can pick up cheaply that are very good. I use those often for quick up take projects I am working on. Good luck, and happy hunting! Cheers! :+1:

I will also suggest which free , have tons of courses related to Security field.
For Bug Bounty Hunters Intermediate you can look winto Advance Web Application Pentesting in Cybrary
Good Luck