Installing a GUI on VPS possible? And other things

I am using a Digital Ocean VPS instance running Ubuntu 18.04 and I’m wondering, is it possible to install a GUI desktop interface to the VPS instance? I am currently accessing it via Putty - authenticating to a SSH server.

Also, is it possible to setup the VPS as a proxy for forwarding requests on behalf of say a VM instance running on my home computer? I have a slow internet connection(1 MB/s) and I’m wondering whether that would impede any activity on Burp Suite for Web App testing such that it would be best(if possible) to utilize the VPS service’s fast internet speed. I plan on using Burp Suite Intruder and if it is possible for this workflow to disrupt a company’s service and trigger a security measure that can blacklist my home network, it would be great if I could take advantage of the VPS connection or, again if possible, installing Burp Suite on the VPS instance.

Thank you.

So I installed a desktop interface but accessing it remotely presents lots of latency and the mouse pointer on the Ubuntu VPS instance is not synced/aligned with where I’m pointing my mouse. The mouse issue happens even when I change the display settings to another resolution. Not a good result. The session was performed through DigitalOcean’s console access/VNC functionality. Maybe another VNC service would give me better results at least with the mouse pointer issue?

[UPDATE 2] Mouse synced up nicely with TeamViewer remote access program as opposed to Digital Ocean’s VNC function. However the latency is :face_with_head_bandage::scream::sob:

Hi @gogoPWR.

What you describe is possible, however it’s not going to solve your problem because the connection to where you work is 1 MB/s which will make it almost useless. I guess you have a lot of latency too, so it’s going to be a very unpleasant experience.
What you can try to do is to have different useful tools that replace Burp Intruder in your case, or things like that, but that do not require a GUI. There are many.

I hope you can find a solution.

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Take advantage by installing the control panel scripts like Cpanel (Paid) or VestaCP (Free). It comes with many benefits after all. You will find most option there.


So for clarification my 1MB connection would make unreliable sessions even though I would use GUI + Burp on the VPS and launch requests from there?

Thanks for your response :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It depends. But I think that relying on your 1MB connection to work will make things slower when using a VPS. However, for things like running Intruder a lot or things like that, it may be useful. In that case, I would have Burp running locally for things like manual testing (Proxy, Repeater) and the VPS for things like Intruder and similar tools that send many requests at the same time.
Anyway, the best way to make sure that it is useful for you, is to try the workflow you have in mind for a few weeks and evaluate if it’s better than your current workflow.

You’re welcome!

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