Looking for ways to do some undetecable web crawling

I’m been trying to get more info on a site without making much noise or getting blacklisted. First I tired using proxychains with burp suite but due to them using localhost it doesn’t work. Someone told I have to change the burp proxy url but he was vague on it. I don’t know if he meant firefox proxy or burps proxy, can someone tell me whay he meant. If it can’t be done is other ways to get information from a site while being undetectable?

Hi Mr_Silver,

I don’t understand why you want to be undetectable. If you want to do it because in the policy the program mentions that you can’t run a crawler or scanner, then don’t do it.

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I watching the video " how to fail at bug bounties" and one of the things heard in video that he actually got his ip blacklisted.

get a vpn then you don’t have to worry. Or use a proxy sock5 or more than one or tor.

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@Mr_Silver, I also am cautious about being detected because I too have found that though it is counterproductive to putting your site up on bug crowd that some companies will blacklist you IP based depending on the aggressiveness of some scan. You can always take precautions for example by modifying tour time table in nmap or something like that. I am with @bluedog, i set up sock5 proxchains in my Kali system, it’s super easy.

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I actually have proxychains socket 5 setup but it still being a problem to run.Is there something I’m forgetting?

When you say “its still being a problem” do you mean you actual IP is still showing or you DNS location is still leaking?

naw the dns I got that fixed. Its when I use proxychains, firefox proxy setup and burps setup listening to it where the problems startup. When I load up a page it says “proxy server refuse connection”.

if you do a #proxychains firefox www.ipchicken.com does it still show your IP or a different one? You could also try using the above command with another browser like iceweasel and see if you get the same error. You could also review this YouTube video about using proxychains in Firefox. Good luck, cheers!

I figure out what I did wrong but its saying “ 9050 timeout”

Go to a far far far away coffee shop with no videos camera.
Then do it